Research Interests

— Film, Media, and the Politics of Visual Culture in China
— Children’s Media and Socialisation
— Society and Visual Culture in the Asia-Pacific region
— Gender, Class, and Cultural Change in China and Australia
— Branding and Urban Development on the Pacific Rim
— Cosmopolitanism and the Migrant Condition.

Current Research Connections

China Policy, an organisation that "delivers incisive analysis and expert guidance on today’s China." Click here to go to the China Policy website.

Community Market Research, a project that "aims to explore the potential of markets for social and affective connection, for place making, urban regeneration, economic innovation and environmental sustainability." Click here to go to the Community Market Research website.

The Dorothy Project: Migration and mobility: the question of childhood in Chinese and European cinema since 1945, an ARC funded project to produce a comparative account of the migrant and mobile child in postwar film, researched in China and Europe. Click here to go to the Dorothy Project website.

Posters of the Cultural Revolution: Contemporary Chinese Perspectives on an Era of Propaganda, an ARC funded project on "on memory and loss in a market-oriented State system, and how contemporary media forms deploy revolutionary period images and nostalgia." Click here to go to the China Posters website.

Childhood and Nation in World Cinema: Borders and Encounters Since 1980 is an international, collaborative research project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust. The project aims to interrogate how far the image of the child in modern cinema transcends, ignores, contradicts or is deeply embedded in the concept of nationhood. Click here to go to the Child Nation website.