Learning and teaching

From 2008-2009, I taught media, communications, and global studies students at the University of Sydney. I specialized in the fourth year capstone unit (where students undertook extended essays after work experience in industry), and I also contributed lectures on Chinese media to the MA programs and ran a module on media and internationalization for the final year Global Studies cohort in 2009. Much of that course was based on the manuscript of my book Media Theories and Approaches: A Global Perspective (Balnaves, Donald and Shoesmith, 2009).

Subsequent to 2009 I have not been involved directly in classroom teaching although I was very closely engaged with program development and a new approach to combined Honours (Australian style) at RMIT in my role as Dean of Media and Communication.

I have also maintained an interest in education through work with high school and junior students with various projects, including the BFI. In 2015 I was Facilitator at Birkenhead Sixth Form College, along with Sebastian Secker Walker, for the BFI Cinematheque cent ans de jeunesse film challenge. The Birkenhead students' film, Open Arms was the only north west of England group film to be screened at the BFI. See the news story here.

View an example of a student project here.

Full course development

2009 Developed a cross-school, combined Global Media MA at the University of Sydney with partners in London and Hong Kong.
2006–2008 Led and mentored academic staff in creating a new Bachelor of Global Studies at the University of Technology Sydney (launched 2009).
2003 Devised and created the documentation, content and course structure for the new Bachelor of Television Studies in Creative Industries at Queensland University of Technology
2001 Foundation staff member (with A/Prof Scott McQuire) of the Media and Communications program at the University of Melbourne
1996-1997 Researched and co-devised the first Masters in Chinese Cultural Studies at the University of Westminster

Other significant contributions and awards

While at UTS, I introduced and mentored language and culture staff in bringing in a new Blended Learning curriculum in the Institute for International Studies. Staff associated with this re-design of language teaching were involved in multiple projects in podcasting and online pedagogy techniques, and the development of a Language Pod ‘The Lexicon’ blueprint (2007). The Institute’s staff and programs won a Carrick award for team teaching (2007), and a Commendation for excellence from the 2006 AUQA visit (click here to see details on the AUQA site).

Secondary education: Board of Studies (NSW): I have given talks on multi-literacy and regional literacy to the NSW Board of Studies sub-committee (Chairs of Academic Boards), and I have also addressed this issue, and that of mobility and media for young learners, to the main Board of Studies (December 2007), based on Linkage and CRC research findings.

Board of Studies (WA): I was examiner on the school-leavers English and Media (Film) TEE in 1998–1999.

Outreach: I am an active member of my local and national communities, and see my role as an active citizen closely related to my responsibility as an intellectual. I have given lectures to school educators looking to extend their understanding of the region, as part of the Asialink (Melbourne) program for teachers at primary and secondary levels and, as part of a research project on media memory and migration, I created a television segment for community television with primary Chinese background learners in Western Australia.

In 2006–2009 I facilitated workshops for the Sydney link of the Asialink leadership program which caters for Australians seeking to develop their capacity to build an informed relationship with Asia.

Selected Invited Addresses to Educators and Policy Forums

2009 ARC: Cultural Research Network’s Visiting ‘Itinerant’ Professor to Charles Darwin University in the Northern Territories, to give advice and assistance to emerging researchers.
2007 NSW Board of Studies, presentation on language pedagogy, December.
2006 “Internationalisation and the Asia Pacific Region”, Ningbo International Conference on Higher Education and the Regional Economy, Ningbo, 29 October–1 November.
2003 “Branding Chinese Cities” City Branding Workshop for urban planners and city officials in Queensland, Logan City, April.
2002 “Australian Children’s Film and Television: An Intercultural Perspective”, International Conference on Film Education, Zibo, PRC, July.
2001 Children and Citizenship in China”, Linking Latitudes, Asialink Conference; Shanghai.