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Reviewed conferences and invited presentations


—  ‘Technology as Art: visualisation, connection and imagination’ Science and Society Lecture Series 2015: Bridging Art and Science; The Impact of Creative Technology on Society, The University of Liverpool, UK, 13 October.
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—  ‘Migrant and Crusading Children: Settling Scores’ Libidinal Circuits: Scenes of Urban Innovation III The University of Liverpool, UK, 8-10 July (also conference co-convenor).
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—  ‘Liu Dahong – Stranded Objects and Shame in Chinese Contemporary Post-socialist Art’ Arts and Humanities Research Institute Trinity College Dublin, Republic of Ireland 10 March.

—  ‘Forced Inertia: interruption, mobility and stasis’ Affective Cities: Innovation II IASCC, Toronto, 7 August.
—  ‘There’s No Place Like Home: child migrants in world cinema’ So What? Lecture Series University of New South Wales, 30 July.
—  Symposium, Childhood and Nation in World Cinema: Borders and Encounters Since 1980 University of New South Wales, 28-30 July.

—  Landscape in the Mist: Encounters on the road - pensivity, contemplation and thinking aloud’History as Form: A Symposium on Theo Angelopoulos University of New South Wales, 28 November.
—  ‘On loneliness: migrant childhoods on film 1964’Modernist Soundscapes University of New South Wales, 10-13July.
—  ‘A child in the new Chinese city: mobility, violence and stasis’Screen University of Glasgow, 28-30 June.
—  Social Practice in the Arts Seminar Series Faculty of VCA & MCM, University of Melbourne, 23 April.
—  ‘Arrival, Settlement and Relationality: The Child in Film’ Cambridge Screen Media Group, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRAASH), University of Cambridge, 5 March.

—  ‘Defining Loss: The Childish Poetics of Ephemera’ The Ephemera Project, Chao Center for Asian Studies, Rice University Texas, 8 December.
—  ‘Forced inertia: mobility, interruption and stasis in Little Moth (Peng Tao)’, Department of Communication and the Confucius Institute, Texas A&M University, 3 December.
—  ‘Urban inertia: cinema, the dying and the dead’, School of International Studies Seminar Series, UNSW, 23 November.
—  ‘Children in Film - mini film festival’, Curator, UNSW. 26-28 October.
—  ‘Children are not innocent’, Panel: Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Sydney Opera House, 29 September.
—  ‘Pacific Triangles: Australia, China and the Reorientation of American Studies’, Discussant, US Studies Centre, University of Sydney, 10-11 August.
—  ‘Markets Workshop, China and Australian debates’. Convenor and Speaker. RMIT University, July.
—  ‘Inert Cities: Globalisation, Mobility and Interruption’, Symposium, Convenor (with Chrisoph Lindner and Bill Marshall), University of London, 8 May.
—  *‘Chinese film and the compulsion to stop’, Inert Cities: Globalisation, Mobility and Interruption Symposium, University of London, 8 May.
—  *Keynote speech: ‘The Dorothy complex: children and migration in world cinema’, Welcoming Strangers Conference, 27 April.
—  *‘Markets and the Political Poster in Chinese Film’, Film Studies Research Seminar, University of Southampton, 26 April.
—  *‘Re-telling Chinese History on Film: the Qingming Scroll and Jia Zhangke’s 24 City’, Centre for World Cinemas Leverhulme Lecture, University of Leeds, 24 April.
—  *Guest lecture: ‘Chinese Media since 1949’, The Confucius Institute for Scotland (in collaboration with University of Edinburgh), 29 March.
—  *‘Memories of Chinese media since 1949’, Lau China Institute Research Seminar, King’s College London, 22 February.
—  *‘The Dorothy complex: children and migration in world cinema’, Centre for World Cinemas Leverhulme Lecture, University of Leeds, 14 February.
—  *‘Markets and the political poster in Chinese film’, Centre for Interdisciplinary Film Research Lecture, University of Exeter, 10 February.
—  *‘Film and media: reconsidering Chinese history through memory’, Leeds University Union East Asian Research Society Leverhulme Lecture, University of Leeds, 7 February.
—  ‘New Directions in Chinese Media Studies’, Contemporary China Studies Program Lecture, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford University, 19 January.
2012 events marked with an asterisk (*) were presented with the generous support of the Leverhulme Trust

—  Intimate Publics Forum, Sidney Myer Asia Centre, University of Melbourne, 16 October.
—  Invited seminar: ‘No escape from the past? China - backwards and forwards in a period of disavowal’, Amsterdam University College Who’s in Town Lecture Series, University of Amsterdam, 26 September.
—  Invited seminar: ‘What’s real? Markets and memories in contemporary Chinese film’, Vilnius University, 19 September.
—  ‘Cities, Film, and China’, ASCA Seminar: New Urban Aesthetics, University of Amsterdam, 16 September.
—  ASCA Cities Project Panel: Globalization and Urban Aesthetics, University of Manchester/Open University Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change Annual Conference, 6-9 September.
—  ‘Backdating the present: joining the Humanities conversation from China’, National Seminar on the public funding of teaching in the humanities and social sciences, The University of Melbourne Law School, 30 June.
— Symposium address, Revolution, Realism and World Cinemas symposium, University of Sydney, 21 June.
— Keynote, Critical mass: planning engages the world, 2011 National Congress, Hobart, 6-9 March.
—  ‘Global Oprah: Celebrity as Transnational Icon’, Yale University, 25-26 February.

—  Keynote speech: ‘Another politics: children and the cosmopolitan turn in cinema,’ Politics of World Cinema Symposium. University of Sydney, 13-14 December.
—  ‘Commonwealth Roundtable discussion on Australia-China co-operation on China Studies (DFAT invitation),’ Shanghai World Expo 2010, Shanghai, 27 October.
—  ‘Comparative talk: Sydney/Shanghai’,’ Consorci Universitat Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (CUIMP) Barcelona, City Branding Workshop’, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), 27 September.
—  ‘Seminar: ‘Children in Contemporary Chinese Film: Re-engaging with the Sino-Japanese War’,’ Centre for World Cinema, University of Leeds, 5 May.

—  ‘Migrant children and global film: case studies in global mobility,’ College of Staten Island, the City University of New York, 5 November.
—  ‘Public spaces? Branding, civility and the cinema in 21st century China,’ Urban Cultures guest lecture, University of Westminster, 16 October.
—  ‘Affect in Beijing,’ media research seminar, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 14 October.
—  ‘City, affect and adjacent modernities in Beijing,’ University of Leeds, 7 October.
—  ‘Public spaces: branding, civility and cinema in twenty-first century China,’ Global Cities Cluster, National University of Singapore, 16 September.
—  ‘Why mobility matters: young people and media competency,’ Beijing Normal University, 5 June.
—  ‘Monumental memories: a discussion of Xu Weixin and his pedagogic art’, Joseph Regelstein Library, University of Chicago, 19 May.
—  ‘Monumental memories: Xu Weixin and Chinese Historical Figures 1966-1976’, University of Sydney, April.

—  ‘An Olympian Task: Remaking Cities in the Shadow of Sport’, University of Western Sydney Institute for Culture and Society panel discussion, The Museum of Sydney, September.
—  ‘Tang Wei: sex, the city and Beijing’s Olympic year’, Language and International Studies, Research Seminar, Nottingham Trent University, November.
—  ‘Anachronism, apologetics and Robin Hood: televisual nationhood after TV’, China Media Centre, University of Westminster, November.
—  ‘Monumental Memories a discussion of Xu Weixin and his pedagogic art’, CAC /discuss/ series, Centre of Oriental Studies, University of Vilnius, October.
—  ‘Tang Wei: sex, the city and Beijing’s Olympic year’, Film Studies Talks, KCL, October.
—  ‘Tang Wei and cosmopolitan moments in film’, in Transnational and Cosmopolitan Networks seminar series, World Cinema Series, School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne, September.
—  ‘Global Beijing: “The World” is a Violent Place’, Centre for Chinese Research, University of British Columbia, May.
—  ‘Contemporary film and social change in Western China’, Art Gallery of New South Wales, May.
—  ‘Mobile Me: Regional Networks in a Multiethnic Society’, Communicating for Social Impact, The 58th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, Montreal, May, 2008.
—  ‘No Place for Young Girls [in the Chinese Market]?’ Marketization in China: A Contested Project from the Communication Perspective, Hong Kong Baptist University, February, Keynote.
—  ‘Global Beijing: “The World” is a Violent Place’ at Globalization and Violence, International Symposium on Visual Culture and the Urban Environment, London Institute (University of London), Paris, January.

—  ‘The Cultural Turn’, Branding cities, marketed identities and the politics of culture in cosmopolitan urban societies, University of Middlesex, November.
—  ‘Branding and Visual Politics’, Face and Place: visibility and invisibility in Chinese propaganda posters, University of Westminster, October.
—  ‘Branding as a Cultural Turn’ Keynote: East Asia Media Conference, QUT, Brisbane, June.
—  ‘Global Class – Jia Zhangke and ‘The World’’ CSAA, Brisbane, June.
—  ‘Internationalisation as a community concept: praxis and service in higher education in the Asia-Pacific region’, Paradigms for the 21st century, University of Indianapolis, May.
—  ‘Flatlands revisited: Sydney and the cinematic brand’, San Diego State University, May.
—  ‘Landscapes of class in contemporary Chinese film: Yellow Earth to Still Life’ Seminars at: University of California at San Diego, May, and Screen Studies, University of Glasgow, February.
—  ‘Landscapes of Class and the logic of Chinese migration’, Shanghai University, March.
—  ‘What brand and how much? Paying for the city’, Sydney Futures talks, UTS, February.

—  ‘Methods and modernity in Children’s film research’, Keynote APFRN international seminar: Youth Media, and Culture in the Asia-Pacific Region, Monash University, November.
—  ‘Internationalisation and the Asia Pacific Region’, Ningbo International Conference on Higher Education and the Regional Economy, Ningbo, October 29-Nov 1st.
—  ‘Global Class, Salaried Class, Middle Class’, Politics of Belonging seminar, Centre for Social Policy, University of Middlesex, September.
—  ‘China and Latin America: the relationship with the new world power’, International seminar held at ITESM Monterrey Campus, Monterrey, Mexico. August.
—  ‘China and Latin America’ seminar held at the University of Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico. August.
—  ‘Richer than Before: the Making of Middleclass Taste in Urban China.’ Invited seminar, Renmin University, Beijing, China. July.
—  ‘China’s Middle Class’: Shanghai University Australian Research Centre symposium. July.
—  ‘Stripes and my country’ Sydney Biennale, opening symposium. June.
—  ‘My Life as McDull’, Keynote: QUT Centre of Excellence in Creative Industries, Chinese Media and Education Workshop, April.
—  (with Zheng Yi), 'Martial Arts, Star dust and Historical Memory: The Culture of a Blockbuster', International Film Workshop on Hero: Anatomy of a Blockbuster, The University of Nottingham Ningbo, China.
—  Keynoge: ‘Film, Cosmopolitanism and the Branded City in Europe and Asia: a discussion on new ways of thinking about cultural and creative industries’ The International Forum on Cultural Industries, Creative Media and Entertainment Business, Taipei, April.
—  ‘Stripes and My Country: City Brands for 2006’, Branding Cities and Urban Borders: Cosmopolitanism and Parochialism in Asia and Europe, Australia House, London, January.

—  ‘Out on a Limb?: Urban Traumas on the West Pacific Rim’ Visualising the City Conference, Manchester University, June.
—  ‘Little Friends and the Film Course: Participation, Sociality and Visual Media in Children’s China’ Seminar, Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster, June.
—  ‘Leadership and Authority in Creative China’, From Made in China to Created in China, Conference, Beijing, July. Also: Panel member with Wu Qidi (Vice Minister for Education)
—  ‘Cultural Policy and Creative Leadership’ Third Space of the Commons Workshop, Renda, Beijing, July. (MIT/Harvard seminar)
—  ‘The Cultivation of Middle Class Taste: Tourism and Education Choices in China’, Whither Literary Theory: frontiers and new directions in the 21st century. Weihai, August.
—  ‘Television in Asia’ ICAS, (Asian Studies Association of Australia, Funded Panel) Shanghai, August.
—  ‘Women and Middle Class Film Spectatorship in Contemporary China’ Women in Asia Conference, Sydney, September.
—  Television in Asia Symposium: Asia Pacific Futures Network, La Trobe, December.

—  ‘Branding the City on the Pacific Rim: colour narrative and the hyper-logo’ (with John Gammack) CAUTHE (International Conference of Tourism and Hospitality), Brisbane 10-13 February, Book of refereed extended abstracts. 205-207.
—  ‘Establishing identity: Collaborative Methodologies in Film and Tourism’ (with Jochn Gammack) in Frost W, Croy, G and Beeton S. eds. Proceedings: International Tourism and Media Conference, Melbourne: La Trobe, Nov 24-26, 119.(refereed working paper).
—  ‘Images of Cities: A psychological method for mapping conceptual understandings’ (with John Gammack) Fulbright symposium: Hong Kong// Hollywood at the Borders: Macao, April.
—  ‘“Regime Branding in the City of Life”, Empire, Media and Political Regimes in Asia’, Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University August.
—  “Shanghai Distance Education: Access and Pressure in a Demanding New Economy” Educational Research Alliance Deakin University, July.
—  ‘“Film, Family and Feeling: Ganqing” The Child in Film and Television’, Screen Studies Conference 2004, Glasgow University, July.
—  ‘Thematic Insecurity in China” First International Conference on Sources of Insecurity, RMIT Globalism Institute, 2004.
—  ‘Branding Chinese Cities’ City Branding Workshop, Logan City, April.

—  ‘Women, Teaching and Technology in the PRC’, Chinese Studies Association Australia Meeting, UNSW, Sydney, July.
—  ‘MATE: Unravelling the culture-services-knowledge paradigm in post-WTO China (with Michael Keane) Chinese Studies Association Australia Meeting, UNSW, Sydney, July
—  ‘Narratives and Locality: An exploration of city stories in contemporary Austral-Asian cinema and tourism’ Griffith Asia-Pacific Research Institute Seminar
—  Panel member: Location: Just another character in the script?. Brisbane Writers’ Festival

—  Panel discussant, American Asian Studies Conference panel on Political Visuality in China, Washington, DC, April.
—  ‘Nations Online: Virtual Tourism and Political Transition’, UCLA, Center for International Research CIRA, April.
—  ‘Australian Children’s Film and Television: An Intercultural Perspective’, International Conference on Film Education, Zibo, PRC, July.
—  ‘Children and Socialisation in Chinese Film Culture’, Media in China, Melbourne.
—  ‘Working metaphor: Children, Media and Transition in the PRC’: at The New Economy, Creativity and Consumption, Creative Industries Symposium, QUT, December.
—  ‘Nations Online: Or: Another Fine Shot by Lawrence’, Cultural Studies Association of Australia, Melbourne, December.

—  ‘Media in China: New Convergences, New Approaches’ (with Michael Keane), Media seminar series, University of Sussex.
—  Children and Citizenship in China’, Linking Latitudes, Asialink Conference, Shanghai
—  ‘Modern Citizenship in China: Children’s Day’ Linking Latitudes, (Shanghai) Perspectives: Contemporary Issues in China Conference, April.
—  ‘Virtual Tourism and New Media Citizenships in Scotland and Hong Kong: Complementary Case Studies’ (with John Gammack), Virtual/Informational/Digital seminar series, Murdoch University
—  ‘The Virtual Tourist’ Transnational China Advertising Project and the Centre for the Study of Globalising Cultures, Hong Kong University and Rice University, Texas.
—  ‘Nations Online: Virtual Tourism and Political Transition’, What’s Left of Theory? Cultural Studies Association of Australia, Hobart.

—  ‘Children as Political Messengers: Posters and Film in China 1960s-1980s’, American Asian Studies Association Conference, Washington DC.
—  ‘A Parallel Cultural History (of Migration) – Childhood and Publicness in Beijing 2000’ (with Yingchi Chu and Andrea Witcomb), Capstrans Conference on Migration, Wollongong.
—  ‘History, Education, and Jiaoyü: A Western Australian Perspective on Children’s media and some Chinese Alternatives’, Mount Tambourine Summit on Asia-Pacific Media, Brisbane.
—  ‘Listening to Hong Kong: An Ex-pat Perspective on the Sophistication of Satire’, Second International Conference on Hong Kong Culture, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
—  ‘Media, Violence, Popular Culture and Literacy’, Guest speaker, Australian Libraries and Information Association Annual Dinner Debate.
—  ‘Children and Publicness in the Media-sphere’, Asian Studies Australia Association Conference (with Yingchi Chu and Andrea Witcomb), Melbourne, July.
—  ‘Exchange and Display: Republics of Taste and the Vision of Elder Statesmen’, Communications Faculty Seminar, Tsinghua University, Beijing.
—  ‘The Impact of Media on Current Literary and Cultural Studies OR The Necessary Privations of Growing Up’, open lecture, Beiyu, Beijing Language and Culture University.
—  ‘Children and Chinese Media Culture’, invited workshop at Chinese Studies Centre, University of California-Berkeley.
—  ‘La Chine in Culture/China’, University of Nottingham Film Seminar.
—  ‘Ambiguous Women in Chinese Cinema' (with C Lee), University of Westminster, New Approaches to Contemporary Chinese Cultural Studies.

—  'Children and the Media in Chinese Australia' Asian-Australian Identities conference, Australian National University, Canberra.
—  ‘Women in Chinese Film', China and Visual Culture Symposium, Indiana University Cultural Memories of the Cultural Revolution symposium, Indiana University.
—  ‘Contemporary Violence – Children's Media as a Modality of National Memory', State Fictions, Post-national Realities: Cultural Perspectives on Institutions and Violence, Institute of Ethnology, Academica Sinica, Taipei, June.
—  ‘Taking Time in the Gallery', Artists Regional Exchange Forum: Singapore/Hong Kong/Perth
—  ‘Asia in Film and On Video', Access Asia: Asia in Profile Conference, WA Asia Ed. Foundation.
—  ‘A Short Talk about Citizenship', panel presentation at Children and the Media, a public event sponsored by Meerilinga, Education Department WA, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Channel Nine.

—  ‘Seeing White: Female Whiteness in Chinese and British Visual Culture’, International Conference on Globalisation and the Future of the Humanities, Beijing Language and Culture University.
—  ‘Children as Political Messengers: Posters and Film in China 1960s-1980s’, Mediating China: Gender, Generation, and Citizenship, New York University.

—  ‘Mapping the Millennium’, Australian and South Pacific Association of Comparative Literary Studies Conference, Fremantle, WA.
—  ‘Children as Political Messengers’, Cultural Crossroads, Sydney.
—  ‘Mapping China’, Centre for Research in Culture and Communication (CRCC) Seminar, Murdoch University.
—  ‘The Publicness of Film’ (with James Donald) CRCC Seminar, Murdoch University
—  ‘Symptoms of Alienation’, Cultural Values and Cultural Capital of Pop Music in Asia Conference, Edith Cowan University.
—  ‘Public Spaces in Contemporary Chinese Film’, Open Seminar on Public Space, Chinese and the Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster.
—  ‘Symptoms of Alienation; The Female Body in Recent Chinese Film’, Open Lecture, University of Westminster.

—  ‘The Singer and the Criminal: Political Friendship in Contemporary Chinese Cinema’, Media Graduate Seminar, University of Sussex, November.

—  ‘Chinese Cinema: Landscape and Nationhood’, Theory, Culture, and Society Conference, Berlin, August.
—  ‘Perpetual Peace: The Kantian Aesthetic of Enlightened Statecraft’ The World University Students’ Peace Summit, (representing UK), Kyoto, December.

Convened workshops, symposia & other events


—  Panel Chair: American Studies in the ‘Asian Century’ Pacific Triangles : Australia, China and the Reorientation of American Studies, University of Sydney, 10 August.

—  Concluding conversations: Media, Communication and Democracy: Global and National Environments, RMIT, 2 September.
—  Workshop: Markets as sites of flows, technologies and social and affective connection and innovation, RMIT, 19 July.
—  Exhibition talk: ‘Missing histories and childhood in the Cultural Revolution’ Posters of the Cultural Revolution: Contemporary Chinese perspectives on an era of propaganda, RMIT, 3 March.
—  Exhibition talk: ‘The fate of a painting and artists in the Cultural Revolution: Stephanie Hemelryk Donald in conversation with Shen Jiawei’ Posters of the Cultural Revolution: Contemporary Chinese perspectives on an era of propaganda, RMIT, 21 January.

—  Exhibition: China and Revolution: History, Parody and Memory in Contemporary Art. Curated by Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, Harriet Evans and Li Gongming, and featuring posters from the University of Westminster collection and work of collaborating artists in the ARC Discovery project ‘Posters of the Cultural Revolution: Contemporary Chinese perspectives on an era of propaganda.
Download exhibition catalogue in ENGLISH or CHINESE University of Sydney Art Gallery, 8 August - 7 November.
—  Workshop: Wising Up: how to study mobile media in an age of smart phones. An ARC Research Network Cultural Technologies node event headed by mobile media expert, Ilpo Koskinen, and co-organised with Larissa Hjorth, Screen migrations, RMIT, Melbourne, 17 December.
—  Symposium: China and Revolution: History, Parody and Memory in Contemporary Art.Download symposium flyer here. School of Media and Communication, RMIT, Melbourne, 13 August.

—  Convenor (with Dr Haiqing Yu, UNSW): State of the Field Symposium 2009, ARC Cultural Research Network Chinese Media and Cultural Studies Group, University of Sydney, 4–-5 September.
—  Chairperson: Chinese Studies Association, Biannual Conference, ‘Jiu: commemoration and celebration in the Chinese-speaking World’, University of Sydney, July.

—  Co-convenor: Symposium/ ECR workshop funded by Cultural Research Network: The Space Between: Languages, Translations, Cultures, University of Melbourne, February (Convened as part of the Multiliteracies project, with Vera Mackie).

—  Convenor: Symposium and postgraduate workshop: Class and Place: cosmopolitan perspectives on a ‘grounded’ sensorium, UTS Institute for International Studies, 18-19 June. CrossCultural2007.pdf
—  Co-convenor: Symposium: Branding cities, marketed identities and the politics of culture in cosmopolitan urban societies, Hendon Town Hall and Ort (Camden), with Middlesex University, November. BrandingCitiesWorkshop2007.pdf

—  Convenor: Symposium: Comparative perspectives on cosmopolitanism and theories of belonging: Australia, Asia and the EU, UTS Institute for International Studies, 8 December. CosmopolitanismBelonging2006.pdf
—  Convenor: Conference on Branding Cities and Urban Borders: Cosmopolitanism and Parochialism in Asia and Europe, Australia House, London, 12-14 January.
—  Convenor: Cultural Research Network Workshop: Cultural Literacies and Multi-Lingual Literacy,
—  Convenor for Cultural Research Network China Node:
—  Doctoral Colloquium with Professor Gary Rawnsley (Nottingham University, Ningbo): ‘Understanding and Analysing Propaganda.’ 21 June, UTS.
—  Presentation on contemporary Chinese film theory by Professor Yingjin Zhang, Director of China Studies at the University of California, San Diego; 21 November.
—  Convenor of Sydney event: APFRN Signature theme on media: ‘Documentary Making in China.’ Guest Speakers included Dr. Paola Voci, University of Otago, New Zealand; Mr. Jiang Yue, Beijing; Mr. Cui Zi’en, Beijing. 25 November.

—  Chair: 4A Gallery Talks. TfC events (see 2004); Frequent speaker at postgraduate mentoring events for ARC- Cultural Research Network and ARC- Asia Pacific Futures Network.
—  Fresh and Salt: Water and Border debates in Australia and Asia Workshop/Symposium: 8–10 May. Speakers funded by: the Asia-Pacific Futures Network and ICEAPS International Centre for Excellence in Asia Pacific Studies at ANU.

—  Panel member, KidsSquiz. Children’s Television Symposium, Cultural Precinct, QUT.
—  Speaker, ‘Morning Sun’, Brisbane International Film Festival (with Geremie Barmé)
—  Panel convener, New Asian Documentary, Australian International Documentary Conference, Byron Bay.
—  Convener Surface City #1. CIRAC and the Faculty of the Built Environment, QUT.

—  Convener (with Lisanne Gibson, Australian Centre), symposium on Public Space: Cultural Practice and Participation in Australia and the Asia-Pacific, Melbourne.
—  Convener (with Jim Leibold, Asialink), Media in China: Content, Consumption and Crisis: International Symposium@Asialink, Melbourne (a symposium run in conjunction with events for teachers, an art exhibition, and a lecture for the business community).
—  Panel member, ‘Chinese Film Futures’, Melbourne International Film Festival.

—  Convener, symposium on Cultural Informatics, University of Melbourne Faculty of Arts
—  Panel Convener, ‘Diasporic Film-making’, Visible Evidence conference, Brisbane.

—  Director, children’s segment on Pokémon and Monkey King for Channel 31: Chunghwa Association pilot show.

—  Member, organising committee, Australian Association of Chinese Studies, Sixth Biennial Conference, Murdoch University, 8–10 July; Convenor of the Culture strand.

—  Presenter, ‘Teaching China through Film: Strategies and Pitfalls’, School of Education outreach, Murdoch University.
—  ‘Themes and familiarities’, lecture, In and Out Exhibition, John Curtin Gallery, WA.

—  Convener, Public Space and China symposium, Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster.

—  Curator, Badgering the People – Mao Badges, a Retrospective, Brighton Museum: (with Robert Benewick); co-directed accompanying film Badgering the People (with Chad Wollen).

—  Convener, day workshop on Chinese Cinema, Cornerhouse Arts Centre, Manchester.